SMTPSWITCH Mailer has a powerful built-in WYSIWYG editor which enables you to create and edit your email campaigns. Using the HTML editing feature, you can customize the HTML of your email campaigns, format text, insert images from your local computer or remote locations, add links and more.

SMTPSWITCH Mailer will automatically insert” Unsubscribe” links to your email campaign, which is required by law in most countries. Also, all unsubscribe requests are processed for you automatically giving you and your subscribers peace of mind and ensures that your email campaigns are CAN SPAM compliant.

Bounced emails are processed and removed from your list for you automatically,meaning your list is always clean.

SMTPSWITCH Mailer supports the use of unlimited SMTP servers for sending your email campaigns. The mailer can switch each SMTP server automatically after sending the allowed maximum outgoing emails. You can add unlimited SMTP servers on SMTPSWITCH Mailer to send email and send unlimited emails using our unique background sending. Our bulk email marketing application rotates the SMTP account automatically after sending a certain number of emails selected by you. The mailer also supports SMTP encryption protocolssuch as SSL/TLS/STARTTLS for securing your email communications.

The mailer also has an inbuilt SMTP checker feature which allows you to test your SMTP servers before sending your campaignsto ensure that your emails are delivered smoothly.

SMTPSwitch Mailer supports email sending throttling and pausing which are designed to limit or slow down the sending speed if needed. Using the throttling feature, you will be able to set the maximum number of emails that should be delivered by a particular SMTP before moving to the next SMTP on the queue. This feature is important because a lot of email ISPs will impose hourly or daily limits to mail sending, and many will score an SMTP IP reputation based on the number of emails sent in a given time frame. Note that It is possible to set a different throttling speeds for each SMTP server you add to the software. Changing the throttling speed for one SMTP server will not affect the speed of any other SMTP servers. In addition, SMTPSwitch Mailer will not relay your emails to all your SMTP servers at the same time. Rather it will rotate between them, using only one connection at a time.

The pausing feature of the software will allow you to choose the number of seconds to pause between sending a certain amount of emails. For example: Your sending will pause for X seconds after Y emails are sent. This means that the software will send Y number of emails first, then pause for X seconds, then send Y emails again, then pause for X seconds again, etc.

SMTPSwitch Mailer supports priority management of the multiple SMTPs added. This means that you can set the priority of the SMTP servers which the mailer should relay the messages to as desired. This can be helpful if you have multiple SMTP servers with varying capacities. So you could decide to start the sending of the emails using your high grade SMTP servers before using your lower/medium grade SMTP servers. This means that a server having the highest priority is used at the beginning of the email sending. This feature is extremely useful when you have multiple SMTP servers with different capacities or system resources. This allows you to simply choose the order in which your SMTP servers should be used in sending your emails depending on the SMTP servers capabilities and reliability.

SMTPSwitch Mailer supports SMTP failover when using multiple SMTP servers and can switch to the next working SMTP server during the sending process if any of your SMTP servers fails. This will ensure that the mailing process is not interrupted and goes smooth. The software will automatically bypass any non active/non working SMTP server during the sending process and move to the next active SMTP during the sending process without disrupting the sending process until all the emails are delivered.

If using a single SMTP server, the software will automatically pause the sending process and will alert you of the failed SMTP server using logs which you can view from the mailer interface. After resolving the SMTP server issues or after replacing the failed SMTP server, the user simply clicks on the retry button in the software GUI. The software will then continue the sending process, stating from where it stopped initially.

SMTPSWITCH Mailer includes full support for uploading and sending attachments along with your emails. Any type of file can be attached such as Word documents, media files, executables, photos etc.

SMTPSWITCH Mailer includes full support for uploading your mailing lists in .csv or .txt formats. Unlimited mailing lists of any size are supported. SMTPSwitch Mailer supports multiple mailing list file uploads with upload progress bar that helps users easily select multiple files for upload quickly and easily.

With SMTPSWITCH Mailer you can easily view your email campaigns processing statistics such as email campaigns in progress, email campaigns completed and errors encountered. In addition, SMTPSwitch Mailer offers several email marketing campaign tracking metrics components to enable you determine if your email marketing is effective or is providing you with any return on your investment. These include:

  • Opened Messages
  • Open Rate
  • Number of Unsubscribes
  • Unsubscribe Rate
  • SMTPSWITCH Mailer includes powerful contact list management features which are complaint with SPAM laws and industry standards. You can create as many contact lists as you need and add or import contacts in both .csv and .txt formats. There are no email list size upload limits. The mailer also supports the editing, deleting and searching of emails from the email lists. The mailer allows you to send your email campaigns to multiple lists at once. In addition, any email duplicates present in your mailing lists are automatically removed when imported to the mailer so that you don’t have to worry about email duplicates anymore.

    SMTPSwitch Mailer allows you to personalize each message you send out so that it does not look like an automated bulk email thereby making your email campaigns more appealing to your recipients. The email personalization works by the insertion of contact name personalization tags in the message body in the message compose window of the application.

    SMTPSwitch Mailer will automatically replace the contact name tag with the contact name of the email recipient as provided in the uploaded mailing list. After sending the campaign, in place of the tag will appear the subscriber’s first name and/or last names. You can move this tag anywhere in your message body which will be converted to the subscriber’s names when the campaign sends.

    SMTPSwitch Mailer allows users to save frequently used email campaigns settings as full email campaign template. This means that when you want to send a similar or same type of email campaigns with the same settings (recipient mailing list, throttling/pause settings, attachments and composed messages), you do not have to start from the scratch to enter these settings. To create a template of your composed message and campaign settings, just click on “SAVE” on the Email Campaign GUI. Doing so will place a templatized version of your full email campaign settings and message under "Saved Campaigns".

    SMTPSwitch Mailer offers a unique backup/restore feature which allows users to backup and restore all saved email campaigns, mailing lists and SMTP/POP accounts easily from the software GUI. Users can choose to backup the data they desire and the process is automatically completed and the sql backup file is outputted in backup/data/under the software folder. The user can download the backup file (.sql file format) to his hard drive or keep them in the server. To restore the data, the user re-uploads the sql backup file or, if they’re still in the server, gives it the path to the directory where the file is stored.

    SMTPSwitch Mailer is completely fault tolerant and includes an automatic active campaign monitoring script which monitors your active campaign processes and will automatically restart any failed campaign due to Apache/MySQL/PHP or server outrage issues. SMTPSwitch Mailer has the intelligent capability to re-start the campaign from where it stopped initially (beginning from the last relayed email in the sending queue) before the campaign stopped.

    In addition, SMTPSwitch Mailer supports SMTP failover when using multiple SMTP servers and can switch to the next working SMTP server or pause the campaign during the sending process if any of your SMTP servers fails and will automatically bypass any non active/non working SMTP server during the sending process and move to the next active SMTP during the sending process without disrupting the sending process until all the emails are delivered.

    SMTPSWITCH Mailer has an inbuilt email verifier which enables you to verify your email lists and maintain a clean mailing list for your email marketing campaigns. The email verifier function works by connecting to the recipient's mail server, and imitates sending a message. When the server gives a response that the appropriate email address is good or bad, the email verifier disconnects from the server and marks the email address accordingly. No message is really sent to the recipient. It is important that you regularly verify your email lists because a lot of ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender's email domain for repeated sending messages to non-existing email addresses. Once your email lists are verified by the inbuilt email verifier function, you can then clean the email lists and have the invalid emailsremoved.

    Our inbuilt email verifier in the mailer has the advantage that it can be used to verify your email lists in situations where you cannot use your regular desktop email verifier programs due to ISP SMTP port 25 blocking.

    A unique feature of SMTPSWITCH Mailer is that in addition to the inbuilt email verifier, it also includes the automated bounced email processing which takes care of those emails that cannot be verified by simulating a message sending because the recipient email server requires that a REAL message is sent. Thus, it is impossible to verify whether the address is good or not. You won't know definitively until some bounce because these mail server won't cooperate or cannot be checked without sending a real message to them.

    SMTPSWITCH Mailer supports unlimited users and is licensed by the web site/server rather than by the user. Each license has no restriction on the number of users that can access the mailer.

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