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Do I need SMTP server to send email?

>> SMTP Switchmailer is a Third party SMTP based mailer.This means that you need to provide your own or third party valid SMTP servers to use the mailer. The mailer supports multiple SMTP servers and you can add as mnay SMTP servers as you can. You can also use free SMTP from free email providers.

Where do I get an SMTP server to use with the mailer?

>> There are many SMTP providers on the net. We normally recommend, you can also use any SMTP server from other providers and also from Free email services if permitted. If you would like to use a third party SMTP server service, please visit

How does the software work?

>> SMTPSWITCHMAILER is a web-based powerful mailer which has support for multiple SMTP servers. The SMTP servers are automatically switched based on the given sending limits of the SMTP servers.

Can I send email to any email provider?

>> You can send email to any email account such as Aol, yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail.

Can I send HTML email?

>> Yes, to send html email you can create the HTML message using the rich WYSIWYG Editor integrated into the mailer. You can also paste the full html code on the email body field. You can get the html code from MS front page.

Can I send image or any file as attachment?

>> Yes you can send image or any other file as email attachment.

How can I insert in the email message a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list?

>> By downloading email messages from a dedicated e-mail address, different for each list. Using tags it is simple to insert an unsubscribe link into the HTML code :

Will I be able to send large database of emails addresses?

>> SMTPSWITCHMAILER has been tested with large email lists (hundreds and thousand email addresses databases)

Can I import email list using CSV or tecxt file?

>> Yes, you can import email list using csv and text format. To importing from text file your email must be one each line and no email should contain any invalid characters.

What is the sending speed of email using SMTPSWITCHMAILER?

>> It can send at a speed of 7,000-10,000 emails/hour depending on your internet speed and your SMTP servers. If you attach any image then it will take more time depending on the size of image.Success and speed in send depends to you SMTP service, so if we suppose you have a good internet connection (DSL) a good SMTP server (provided from your ISP) and emails size is around 10 kb, you may use SMTP SWITCH MAILER to send around 7.000/10.000 email per hour.

Do I need a server to use SMTPSWITCHMAILER?

>> No. SMTPSWITCHMAILER is completely hosted. That means you simply use your browser to login and start using the application. You do not have to worry about getting a server or installing the application.

How many emails can SMTPSWITCHMAILER send per hour?

>> This depends greatly on your mail server specifications.When you send out your mailing using SMTPSwitchmailer, you need an external SMTP server. SMTPSwitchmailer connects to the SMTP server and relays the message; any port can be used, as long as the SMTP server can listen on that port. The SMTP server itself will then deliver the message. When using the third party SMTP servers, your sending speed will depend entirely on the SMTP server's speed.

Can I setup SMTPSWITCHMAILER with multiple users with their own email lists and newsletters?

>> Yes. SMTPswitchmailer is a multi-user application, that allows you to create users that can manage their own contact lists and newletters.

What kind of web server do I need to run SMTPSWITCHMAILER?

>> Any kind of server can be used to run SMTPswitchmailer. Shared, VPS or dedicated servers will work just fine. You also do not need root access, just FTP access will do.

Is the license a life time license? Do I have to pay any additional fees?

>> The license you purchase is a lifetime license, and you do NOT need to pay license fees at any time after your purchase. There are no additional monthly or yearly fees to use the application.

How do I receive the product after my purchase?

>> After your order, you will receive the license key to setup. You will be provided all details after your order by email.

Do you offer technical support?

>> Yes, we offer free support.

My questions is not answered here,where can I get more answers to my questions?

>> You can use our online support and ticket system to send us questions and tickets at

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